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Welcome all to my nutrition page. This is Neha Kadethankar. I had started my weight loss journey during pandemic realising the condition of my body. Excessive weight is not only physical problem, but also a trigger which impact ones emotional and mental health.  Consistency in exercise and adapting healthy eating habits helped me to lose my weight 65 kg to 56 kg. Developing interest in learning more about nutrition, here I am today, strong and confident helping others to make their lives better!


Weight loss transformation feedbacks from our clients!

4 months 11 KG down! 

Every time I feel now it will be repetitive, I see some interesting variation, week after week!  The meals are fulfilling, with lots of variety, right quantity and my food and time preferences factored in.

Thanks for motivating and accommodating a few bad days without making me feel guilty!
Diet is no more a punishment word for me, but a great choice I make every day for myself!

Mrs. Shilpa Joshi

3 months 7.5 KG down! 

  Regular exercise and normal diet was going on during pandemic, for an year. But the weighing scale was not at all moving. But with Neha in first week I lost 1 kg. It's not about only losing weight, but also about feeling satisfied and confident about oneself.

Now I eat almost 2 katori daal daily and still I don't experience acidity. That was something I was suffering from since long. I feel light after meals and that's good for me.

Mrs. Deepali Ambekar

3 months 7 KG DOWN!

With hectic work schedule it was difficult for me to join the sessions offline. Online sessions with well designed diet plan is helping me improve my health. 

waist size - From 34 to 31.2 inches.

Better metabolism, improved endurance and more toned physique.

Ms. Mrunmai Naik







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