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Conducted by Sucheta Kadethankar. Use meditation as a tool to reduce stress and create calmness.


Guided meditation through recorded audios. Available in English and Marathi.  Free course

Yoga is a tool that one can use to regulate their mind, body, and soul. It combines mental and physical disciplines to promote harmony in the body and the psyche; it reduces tension and anxiety and keeps you at ease. Additionally, it aids in boosting body tone, muscle strength, and flexibility. It enhances vitality, energy, and respiration. Yoga may appear to be only stretching, but it has many more benefits for your body in terms of how you feel, appear, and move. The Eightfold Path is a technique that, according to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, leads to self-awakening and liberation. Consistent yoga practise helps us comprehend and feel the significance of the first four limbs (Yama. Niyama, Asanas and Pranayama).

Through various workshops and short courses, we at Koham Fit can help you grasp the significance of the Yamas and Niyamas in our daily lives. For individuals who have a strong interest in studying about yoga, we also offer educational courses at Koham School of Yoga. (For example, M.A. in Yogashastra, Diploma in Indian Philosophy, etc). Being calm, peaceful, and tension-free has become one of the hardest things to do in today's environment. All of these problems -anxiety, troubles with rage, FOMO, and frustration are caused by the fact that "our body and mind are not in sync with one another." By engaging in yoga asana and pranayama exercises, among other things, we assist you in achieving this balance of the mind and body.

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Here, every day is different & surprising. Exercises are structured such that they will put you out of your comfort zone without letting you feel exhausted. @ Koham Fit, exercise is not limited between four walls of studios. I had never thought in just 12 months I would be transforming myself to the extent where I could run 5 marathons, attempt difficult treks, walk 23 KMs along with Wari, would do 10K steps every day for a month. 

While Koham means “Who am I?” and they are truly living it by helping individuals in defining their purpose for health, to me it also means Know Own Health (physical) And Mind. I truly adore them for their urge to bring best out of everyone, spread awareness about staying healthy.

Mr. Prasad Joshi.  Motivational Speaker

We all were wondering how to keep ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically fit. Just then Sucheta and Neha found a good solution in the Remote Coaching at Koham! Then began the morning and evening live sessions. It took a while to adjust to do things from home, but once I jumped in I have enjoyed each and every session!! Each session is well planned, at good timings, and gives us the necessary energetic boost! That too with music. Loved the idea of 2000 steps. Well done Sucheta and Neha!! In these difficult times you have managed to keep us motivated, energetic and fit!

Mrs. Anita Joshi, PhD. Biotechnology consultant


CMA Pride, 3rd Floor,  Behind Shyamaprasad Mukharjee Garden, Erandwane, Patwardhan Baug, Pune 411004.

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