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I joined Koham in May 2019. I used to walk, jog regularly but still I never felt I am doing scientific workouts. When I met Sucheta , I explained her my requirements and also constraints /weakness. When I started exercise at Koham my first month or so was 1 on 1 sessions and that helped me lot to gain the confidence . 

I started feeling better after each workout, This gave me confidence that I am on right track and most importantly at right place and in the hands of right coach.  I started participating the Monthly marathon runs started with 5 KM and has reached up to 10 K now. The good result of this is that my family members also came to know that Koham will help them. 

Now my daughter , my Wife and my sister in US are members of Koham. I want to thanks Sucheta and Neha for their valuable guidance. I wish Koham to make progress in making the people fit. Wish you Good Luck.

- Hemant Ambikar

For more than a year now, I am improving my fitness levels with Coach Sucheta and Koham Fit. A beautiful definition of fitness I explored in journey so far is - It is not measured on tapes and scales, but felt by body and mind and enjoyed in everyday routine! 

Sucheta's statement "Think of what you are gaining rather than losing!" sets very helpful attitude and tone for the exercise regime and 360-degree fitness mindset. I thoroughly enjoy endless ideas and creativity both Sucheta and Neha bring in to make exercises interesting and fun! Being overweight always, I was used to trainers telling me how much I need to loose and what all I cannot do. 

Sucheta enables me with alternatives and encouragement and helps me set realistic goals. The best part is, I need no rewards for achieving those goals; best reward I can give myself is "Better me"! Thank you Sucheta for your supreme level of knowledge and skills, innovativeness and continuous coaching to excel! 

- Shilpa Joshi

I have been working out with Koham Fit since last 3.5 year now and i have never been so regular with exercise ever. That speaks for itself. The exercises are new every time and I look forward to going to the gym. The exercises focus on stamina, Muscle strength and flexibility with personal attention. I have had back pain issues, now I feel, I am regaining the strength in my back and overall body. 

There is definitely improvement in stamina and flexibility and overall immunity and well being. Sucheta and Neha are very passionate about fitness of each Koham member. I would definitely recommend Koham Fit!

- Manjiri Ghare

Koham Fit

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