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KO-HAM are two Sanskrit words which means "WHO AM I?". This was founded by Ms. Sucheta Kadethankar in 2017, keeping purpose in the mind to help people to explore their body, mind, potential by practicing yogic practices is an idea behind this name. We also help people to understand the need of being physically and mentally fit, which further encourages for healthy diet and weight loss.

Koham started in 2017 at a very small scale when we used to conduct classes on the terrace of Dr. Anand Nadkarni's Institute of Psychological Health in Pune. We would have only two batches then in the morning. Soon we converted a part of my home into a small studio and started classes there. So many of our current members started their association with Koham from here.
Then on May 1st 2019 we shifted from my home to a bigger commercial studio space and started operations there. The space had extremely positive vibes and for a year we had fun time in and even outside of that space. We grew in numbers there from mere 10 people coming to my home to 96 practitioners visiting studio for different batches in six months.
Lock down happened in March 2020. We spent hardly 10 months in the studio.

Yes, lockdown happened but within not even a week Koham went Online and then the Online batches began from April 2020. We were new to this mode of teaching as were you to this mode of learning. But we sailed through. At timed we struggled, we failed, but we evolved and we enjoyed everything. We grew from 96 to almost over 400 today!

We not only had more people joining as practitioners / members / learners but we also had so many talented people joining our Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Pooja also joined us as a Yoga Teacher! Over 150 people associated through Chidakasha, over a 100 through some small workshops of Soorya Namaskar and some philosophy courses!
April 2022 - We now start a new exciting phase where we are moving to even bigger space where we conduct our offline batches, workshops, courses and so many things. Growing demand of offline session after covid encouraged us to expand us and shift into bigger studio and going ahead with it now!
Our ONLINE classes won't stop as that's something we have discovered newly and has worked out extremely well for both teacher and the students.


Sucheta Kadethankar

Founder of Koham Fit

A Lead Yoga Teacher, Yoga Master Trainer, and Yoga Therapist who teaches yoga to students of all levels as well as leading classes for new and veteran yoga instructors. Her goal is to spread yoga beyond asanas. Her goal is to arouse people's interest in Indic Wisdom so she can continue to provide them with more.
One of her most well-liked meditation classes is CHIDAKASHA. This workshop is helping people all around the world with their physical ailments and emotional health challenges.
She is also a co-founder of the Koham School of Yoga, which provides official higher education in Yogashastra through programmes like the MA Yogashastra and many more (affiliated to Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University).
Currently pursuing M.A.in Vedic Literature from Institute of Vedic Studies and PhD in Pranayama from Mumbai University.

Neha Kadethankar

Business Partner of Koham Fit

Since three years, she has been a yoga and strength training instructor at Koham Fit. She currently works with Sucheta Kadethankar as Koham Fit's business partner.
She holds YCB Level 2 certifications in dance instruction, mat pilates, and yoga teaching. She is the most qualified person to lead dance and strength training exercises.
She started focusing on her own health and lost 8 kg in 3 months by taking advantage of pandemics. Realizing the value of nutrition in our lives, she completed Precision Nutrition's Nutritionist level 1 course and is now the only nutritionist at Koham Fit.
She thinks we may make positive changes in our way of life by eating well and exercising often. She has a health and integrated lifestyle diploma from KKSU (Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University). She enjoys advising and inspiring others to have a positive outlook.

Pooja Vaidya

Yoga Teacher at Koham Fit

Pooja has been associated with Koham Fit for 2 years, to conduct basic level yoga batches. She is a YCB Level 2 certified Yoga instructor, She is also involved with our Teachers Training Courses.
She began her Yoga journey during lockdown and has continued to explore the limitless world of Yoga by pursuing certificate courses in Pranayama, Meditation, women’s health and lifestyle disorders. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Yoga Shastra with Koham School of Yoga (affiliated to Kavi Kulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University).
An army kid with a passion for adventure, fitness and travel is there since long time. Her education in Tourism (MBA), along with the Basic and Advanced Mountaineering courses at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. She is excellent slack-liner and high-liner, with yogic approach towards life. 


Koham Fit - Yoga Studio
CMA Pride, 3rd floor, Patwardhan Baug, Behind Shyamaprasad Mukharjee Garden, Pune 411004. 


Monday - Saturday                                                  06:00 AM - 10:00 AM | 05:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Sunday: CLOSED


Instagram, facebook @kohamfit                      contactus@gmail.com                                          Contact no. +91 7447815781

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